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Preseason Top 25 Players for the 2011-12 Season

Jared Sullinger Credits Getty

By Sommers Price

1. Jared Sullinger- Sophomore Center-Ohio State University
Sullinger’s combination of strength, skill, and tenacity cements his spot atop these rankings. Some would consider the rising sophomore “bad game proof”, as his relentless play inside and uncharacteristically high free throw percentage can make up for “off” nights. He passed up the chance to be the headliner of this year’s draft class immediately after his team’s loss to Kentucky displaying a refreshing desire to win and compete for a national championship.

2. Harrison Barnes- Sophomore Forward-University of North Carolina
Barnes has the honorable distinction of being the best player on what I would consider the best team college basketball has to offer. After a slow start amidst astronomical expectations (first team all American) Barnes heated up in ACC play, ultimately leading the Tar Heels to a surprising conference championship. Barnes has a quiet killer instinct and no noticeable weaknesses in his silky smooth game. Look for him to make a serious run at National player of the year and a deep run into the tournament.

Atlantic 10 Preview

Temple's Ramone Moore; Credits AP

By Bennett Synder

Midnight Madness has come and gone, and the REAL basketball season (not NBA) is about to begin. There isn’t a strike happening in college basketball unlike their professional counterpart, although they might want to look into it because the NCAA is a joke. I mean really, they question the Blind Side kid because he went to the same college as the people who adopted him and taught him how to play football, but close the case on sCam Newton even when they acknowledged he was being shopped around for big money by his father? What I meant to say is that the NCAA seems like a very fine organization who really have the student’s best interest, and not just pure money, at heart. But, enough of my sarcasm, I digress.,