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Michigan-Duke Rivalry Same As Ever

By Nick Garton
It isn’t quite Red Sox vs Yankees or Celtics vs Lakers. Heck, it’s not even Duke vs Carolina. But for a certain generation of us the Michigan Wolverines vs Duke Blue Devils rivalry is as compelling as an old school Packers-Bears or Cowboys-Eagles dust up.
Every generation and every league has rivalries that define both the sport and the times we live in. For those of us in our 30’s and 40’s, the thought of Michigan facing Duke brings up an array of emotions depending on which of the teams you like.

The Devil is Good

Tent Lockett; Credit AP

By Michael Almonte

If the Arizona State Sun Devils want to return to excellence and a factor in the Pac-12, then all eyes will be on Trent Lockett to lead the way. The time is now for the 6’5 Junior to showcase his skills and take the conference by storm. The Sun Devils are coming off a 12-19 record and finished last in the Pac-10 conference with a 4-14 record. In 29 games last season, Lockett averaged 13.4 PPG and 5.3 RPG while making great strides.
In an interview with the Arizona Republic, Lockett talked about his mindset for the upcoming season saying, “”Domination is my word, That’s what has to happen. That’s what we’ve been talking about getting ready for this season.” Scouts say Lockett possess all the tools, a nice mid-range, pull-up shot off the dribble. He’s explosive around the basket, and he’s an above-average offensive rebounder.

NBA Ready Prospects

Harrison Barnes; Credit AP

By Jason Bleznick

When scouting a player the term “NBA Potential” gets thrown around a lot. It seems that most players in college are considered “NBA potential” athletes, but what about the select few that are ready to play at the next level tomorrow. I’m not talking about guys that could be superstars a couple of years down the round or use the word potential. These guys can step onto an NBA court tomorrow and compete with the best talent in the world. Since I am looking at players under a different level of scrutiny the list is not as big you may think; players like Austin Rivers and Perry Jones and many of the top rated talent in college are not in this group. The reasons are different for every player, but when you talk about being ready for the NBA there can’t be too many flaws in your game.  You need physical and mental toughness to succeed not just pure athletic ability. Below are the six players that I believe can play in the NBA right now. This was not planned out, but they are all underclassmen. The reason is I first had to look at athletic ability and work my way through all aspects of their game. When it came down to the end I felt there were only six players that had all the attributes I was looking for. 

Draymond Green Proves He Belongs

Credit AP

By Nicholas Garton

Recently, a documentary aired chronicling the famed Thrilla in Manilla fought in 1975 between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. Towards the end of the film, a still bitter Joe Frazier was shown looking at some footage of a post-parkinson’s disease Ali. Still angry about losing that fight to Ali, Frazier said “I sent him away in worse shape than he came in. Look at him now. I did that to him.”
Why the boxing story? Because that’s just what it felt like Friday night at the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier in San Diego when #1 North Carolina faced unfathomably unranked Michigan State. North Carolina came in just like a primed Ali with all the talent, all the

Tu Holloway

Credits AP

By Tim Donohoo

Fans of Xavier basketball in Cincinnati and throughout the country are thanking their lucky stars for 6-foot senior guard, Tu Holloway, opting to remain at XU for his final year of eligibility. This gem of a player is worth the price of admission alone.  He can do it all.  Sure to be an NBA lottery  pick if the pro season gets under way this time next season.

Holloway missed the first game of the year, a 74-63 win over Morgan State, due to a mandatory one game suspension for allegedly playing in two summer leagues, a secondary violation of NCAA rules.  He will be in uniform Nov. 15 when his club takes on Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) in Cincinnati.,