NBA Draft Profile – Anthony Davis

Credit Getty Images

By Chris Ramirez

Position: Power Forward
Height: 6-10
Weight: 220 lbs
Bithdate: March 11, 1993
School: Kentucky
High School: Perspectives Charter
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois



  • Name 2012 National Player Of The Year and led Kentucky to the 2012 National Championship.
  • Grow 8inches within the last two years into a 6-10 player; not to mention he has retained all the ability he developed as a wing player.
  • Been dominant as a defender, due to his length, mobility and timing as a shot blocker.
  • Defends the goal well, he can slide off his man to send back layups and dunks, his timing, length and quickness is so good it is extremely difficult for a big to get a good shot on one on one, even if they settle of an outside shot or turnaround Anthony can use his ability to block.
  • Davis has some ability and potential to get better, his touch and fluidity is very good for his size
  • Well skilled at finishing on the offensive glass, or laying in off balance and difficult shots with a soft touch.
  • Has a nice stroke, he can shoot the mid range jumper and is solid at the FT line which is promising for such a young post player.
  • The negatives is his size and strength. Even though his length and athleticism is ideal he is too light for an NBA big at around 225lbs.
  • Anthony will probably never be a player who uses a lot of muscle or looked at as an explosive player.
  • Doesn’t have many go to moves in the post, and has not showed a lot of go to scoring ability. His size will bring durability concerns.

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