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NBA Draft Rumors for April 30, 2012

Terrell Stoglin

Terrell Stoglin of Maryland declared for the NBA draft by Sunday’s deadline. But he wouldn’t have been able to return to the Terps next season in any event. The school announced Monday that Stoglin, the ACC’s leading scorer last season, was suspended for the year for violating the school’s athlete code of conduct. Mychal Parker, who had already announced that he was going to transfer, was also suspended for the year. Both would have been entering their junior seasons at Maryland in 2012-13. The NBA confirmed that Stoglin’s draft entry letter arrived at the league office by 10 p.m. ET on Sunday night, just two hours shy of the midnight deadline.

James Johnson Is Virginia Tech’s Head Man

Credit; US Presswire

By Chris Ramirez

Blacksburgh, VA – Virginia Tech has chosen James Johnson to replace Seth Greenberg as its men’s basketball coach. Johnson will replace Seth Greenburg who spend five years as an assistant to the former head coach.

Greenberg was fired April 23 after nine seasons and one NCAA tournament appearance. Johnson left Virginia Tech on April 19 to take a similar job at Clemson. 

Stoglin Declares & Parker Possibly Leaving

By Chris Ramirez

College Park, MD  - University of Maryland guard Terrell Stoglin has declared for the NBA Draft and Sophomore guard Mychal Parker was suspended for a code conduct violation. Parker plans to transfer to another school.  

Flopping, A National Epidemic

By C.E. Peterson

I am not sure how it spreads; whether through person-to-person contact, somehow through bodily fluids, or if it has become airborne, but flopping has certainly become a far too pervasive disease, throughout our country. It has most recently made a strong sighting in the most Southeastern part of the nation and seems to be extremely prevalent, in that area.

Okay, enough with the scientific dialogue and onto the facts of the matter. Flopping has become a huge part of basketball, college and professional alike, and it is a mockery of the sport and a complete degradation to all who have played before.  The seriousness of this matter cannot be undermined and until the NBA starts “cracking down” on this, it will continue to plague the integrity of the game. The NBA finds reasons to fine guys or suspend them for about everything they possibly can and in light of the recent actions of Metta World Peace, I certainly do not disagree with all of them. However, to watch these “superstars” and so-called “role-models” exaggerate the smallest contact to make it seem as if they were hit by a truck really does not set the right example, now does it?

NBA Draft Rumors for April 28, 2012

GM Bob Myers said if Warriors land a Top 7, giving them 4 total picks, they’re likely to make a draft-day trade. “Four picks are a lot of picks. We added three rookies last year. I don’t think its ideal to have four more, making it 7 in two years. Four is probably a number we would like to reduce or consolidate. … If we end up with four, we’re probably in the market to move up, move out or trade.” Sulia,