NBA Draft Rumors for April 17, 2012

Mike Krzyzewski

What do we have to do to fix the game of college basketball? “First of all college basketball doesn’t control college basketball. The NBA controls college basketball. They are the ones along with the players union that sets the rule. College basketball just reacts to what the NBA does to include the early entry date. College basketball put out April 10th. Well that date doesn’t mean anything. April 29th is when guys have a chance to put their names in the NBA draft. I think one of the main things that has to happen is college basketball has to have a relationship with the NBA. There should be someone in charge of college basketball who on a day-to-day basis sets an agenda for our great sport. We don’t have anything like that. As a resolve we don’t have a voice with the NBA or the players union and that’s just kind of sad.” Sports Radio InterviewsAnalysis: How bad do the Bobcats want Anthony Davis? They have lost 12 straight and got blown out of the water at home by the second-worst team in the league, the Wizards, on Monday night. Of all the players in the draft, Davis is the only one who could make a dramatic impact in Year 1. No team needs him more than the Bobcats

Analysis: Kidd-Gilchrist, like the other Kentucky players, still hasn’t officially declared for the draft, but he will. The Wizards desperately need MKG’s leadership, toughness and work ethic. But I hear they also may be tempted by Brad Beal’s shooting and the upside of Andre Drummond. I think the Beal vs. Kidd-Gilchrist scenario is a toss-up. But after the Kwame Brown and JaVale McGee experiences, I would be surprised if Washington chased Drummond.

HoopsHype: North Carolina forward John Henson has hired agent Jim Tanner. Twitter

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