College Basketball’s – Best Football Players

Patric Young; Credits

By C.E. Peterson

In wake of tonight’s NFL Draft, I thought I would put a piece together that highlighted the college basketball players that would “potentially” be great football players, as well.

Now, don’t get me wrong having played football, there is something innate that you just cannot judge exactly who will be good at football, or have the toughness that comes to play certain positions. However, I also believe basketball is the most “athletic” sport and some of these guys are just complete freaks of nature. So here it goes;        (In no particular order)

1)      Aaron Craft – Ohio State – Quarterback

-          I may have cheated here a bit, as Craft was the starting quarterback on his high school team as a freshman, but this kid has everything you look for in a quarterback; and I have never seen him throw a pass. He is a floor general, which compliments the Quarterback position perfectly and he is composed on the court at all times. In addition to that, he is as fierce of a competitor as they come and really, just an all-around tough kid. He seems to be like Greg Paulus, just better in literally every facet of the game, and I think he’d be a better quarterback, as well.

2)      Festus Ezeli – Vanderbilt – Offensive Tackle

-          Maybe not the most explosive athlete, but left tackle is about as sought after a position in the NFL, as any. The physical force inside for the Commodores, Ezeli’s length and footwork seem to be a perfect fit on the offensive line and at 6’ 11” I am sure he would be a bit intimidating in full pads.

3)      Patric Young – Florida – Defensive End

-          This kid is a football player, who plays basketball. Young looks like he was chiseled out by a professional sculptor and him coming off the edge, as a defensive end, is just not something I want to think about, if I was a quarterback.

4)      Victor Oladipo – Indiana – Wide Receiver / Safety

-          At 6’5” 215 pounds, Victor Oladipo would certainly cause matchup problems in the secondary, for any team and I haven’t mentioned he has a 40-inch vertical, as well. In addition to all this, he is someone who is “willing” to play defense, and that willingness directly correlates to someone who I feel would succeed on the football field. Now if he doesn’t have good hands, which I have no reason to believe, he can just flip over and be a ball-hawking safety, on defense.

Mike Bruesewtiz; Credits; USA Today

5)      Mike Bruesewitz – Wisconsin – Tight End

-          I have said that Bruesewitz can play tight end in the NFL for two years now, and at 6’6” and just below 230 pounds he seems to have the size, to do just so. He plays with a knack for the ball and has a brother who plays football at Princeton, so it is definitely in his blood. Bruesewitz, like Oladipo, is a willing defender and this tells me he would have no problems, at least attempting, blocking for someone and his athleticism would allow him to make plays in the secondary, as well. Two things: If you read this Mike, I should definitely be your agent, as I’m the one who said this first. Secondly, if Bruesewitz sees this article and wants to transfer somewhere to play football, be assured that “Big Bo” will certainly not let him leave.

 5 Others –

-          Darius Johnson-Odom – Marquette – Running Back / Safety
-          Bradley Beal –  Florida – Wide Receiver / Safety
-          Thomas Robinson – Kansas – Outside Linebacker / Defensive End
-          Phil “Flip” Pressey – Missouri – Cornerback
-          Chane Behanan – Louisville – Tight End/ Defensive End

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