NBA Draft Rumors for April 26 & 27, 2012

The Warriors will have a better than 70 percent chance of keeping their first-round draft pick after winning the tiebreaker with Toronto on Friday. Golden State and the Raptors finished tied with the seventh-worst record in the NBA. A random drawing held by the NBA in New York broke the tie. The Warriors will be slotted No. 7 entering the draft lottery, and Toronto is slotted No. 8. Contra Costa Times The Timberwolves own the 18th pick in this June’s NBA draft after Utah lost a three-way tiebreaker with New York and Dallas today. All three teams finished with the same 36-30 record, necessitating a three-way blind draw to determine which team gets the 16th, 17th and 18th pick. New York won the tiebreaker with Dallas, which won the tiebreaker with Utah. The Wolves own Utah’s pick from the 2010 Al Jefferson trade and Houston owns New York’s pick, so the Rockets will pick 16th, the Mavericks 17th and the Wolves 18th. If I had to bet, I’ll say they package that pick in a trade to add a veteran(s), but we’ll see… Minneapolis Star-Tribune

It was a good day at the NBA office for the Cavaliers. They won two tiebreakers that will improve their position in the upcoming NBA lottery on May 30 and draft on June 28. In the first drawing, Cleveland (21-45) won a tiebreaker with New Orleans (21-45) and now ranks third, with 138 chances out of 1,000, for the No. 1 pick in the NBA lottery. New Orleans, now fourth, will have 137 chances. Even if three teams behind them move up in the lottery, the Cavs will pick no worse than sixth. The Cavs won the lottery last spring and used the No. 1 pick to select Kyrie Irving, the likely Rookie of the Year. Cleveland Plain Dealer

Former Kansas University basketball forward Thomas Robinson will be represented by Rival Sports Group of Beverly Hills, Calif., the organization announced Wednesday. Agent Tony Dutt, who also represents former KU players Marcus and Markieff Morris, will be handling Robinson’s NBA contract. Dallas Morning News

The Bobcats will have the best odds (1 in 4 chance) to get the No. 1 pick at the May 30 Lottery. The Wizards will have the second-best odds. After that, things are still in the air, with three teams currently with 21 wins, two with 22, one with 23, and another with 24. All those teams play tonight, with two of them – New Jersey and Toronto — going head-to-head. If Lottery teams are tied at the end of the season, the combinations for those Lottery positions are split evenly. But a drawing is held on Friday to determine which team gets the extra combination (if it’s an odd total) and which team is gets the higher pick should neither team move up into the top three.

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