Daily Archives: April 29, 2012

Flopping, A National Epidemic

By C.E. Peterson

I am not sure how it spreads; whether through person-to-person contact, somehow through bodily fluids, or if it has become airborne, but flopping has certainly become a far too pervasive disease, throughout our country. It has most recently made a strong sighting in the most Southeastern part of the nation and seems to be extremely prevalent, in that area.

Okay, enough with the scientific dialogue and onto the facts of the matter. Flopping has become a huge part of basketball, college and professional alike, and it is a mockery of the sport and a complete degradation to all who have played before.  The seriousness of this matter cannot be undermined and until the NBA starts “cracking down” on this, it will continue to plague the integrity of the game. The NBA finds reasons to fine guys or suspend them for about everything they possibly can and in light of the recent actions of Metta World Peace, I certainly do not disagree with all of them. However, to watch these “superstars” and so-called “role-models” exaggerate the smallest contact to make it seem as if they were hit by a truck really does not set the right example, now does it?,