NBA Chatter for November 9, 2012

Detroit Pistons forward Jonas Jerebko was elbowed in the throat by Sacramento Kings forward Thomas Robinson. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

By Chris Ramirez

Sacramento Kings rookie Thomas Robinson will experience his share of first experiences this season, but serving a two game suspension didn’t figure to be one of them. The NBA announced today that Robinson will be suspended without pay following an incident last night at Sleep Train Arena against the Detroit Pistons.

Robinson was not available for comment following the game but instead went to Twitter to apologize for his actions: “Apologize for my actions mistakes happen I take full responsibility lost my cool will never happen again,” he tweeted.

On whether he’s ever lost his cool like this before. Thomas Robinson: Not at all. Unfortunately, I’m not perfect. I would love to be, but I made a mistake. It rarely happens to me. Never been in that type of situation before. I’ve never been ejected from a game or anything of that sort of matter. So I definitely take full responsibility and I apologize to the whole organization, fans and anybody who were supporting me. It won’t happen again. Cowbell Kingdom

On if trash talk from Jerebko lead to to the incident. Thomas Robinson: Just frustration. It’s nothing he did. Chirping is a part of the game, talk is a part of the game. And that’s something that I have to adjust to, that I have to learn to. These guys are professional whether its trash talking, whatever – they’re pros. It got under my skin. I let it get to me, so it was a mistake. Cowbell Kingdom

Video of a disturbed Kobe Bryant sitting on the bench late in the Lakers’ loss to the Utah Jazz has gone viral as the “Kobe Death Stare.” Coach Mike Brown can be seen briefly and appears to be the target of Bryant’s anger. On Thursday, after practice, Bryant debunked that his ire was directed at Brown. “I’m too old to deal with that stuff. I really am,” said Bryant. “I’ve been his biggest supporter. I’m really too old to be dealing with childish things.” Los Angeles Times

In that context, the clip could certainly be interpreted to read that Bryant similarly holds Brown in contempt. According to the Lakers All-Star guard, that’s just not the case. “Everybody here would be frustrated, losing a game. You’re angry. It has nothing to with one particular person,” he said. “God, people are bored.” Los Angeles Times

Are you disappointed or encouraged by your progress? Andrew Bogut: I’m obviously disappointed. I want to play basketball. It’s been a long road to get me back on the floor. I’ve tried it out now. I know how it feels on the floor, so now I’m going to be smart with it. I’ve tried to be a little bit of a hero early on and tried to push through some things that I probably shouldn’t have. But at least I know where I’m at now. I know what I need to do to get back into it and hopefully we’ll turn the corner. Contra Costa Times

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