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Does Anthony Davis Have What it takes to be the Next dominant Big Man of the NBA?

Credit - Layne Murdock Jr/Getty Images

Credit – Layne Murdock Jr/Getty Images

By Derek Wiggins,

Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans is in his 2nd year in the NBA. Davis New Orleans Pelicans team’s winning percentage is below .500 currently with a 16-25 record. Even though his team is struggling, last year’s number 1 overall pick is averaging a double double, averaging 20.2 points per game and 10.3 rebounds a game.Davis was selected Thursday for Team USA, meaning he’ll have a chance to compete for a spot on the final Olympic roster for the 2016 Rio Games. Davis also represents New Orleans’ best shot to have a player in the All-Star game, which the city hosts on Feb. 16.

Ranking the Sophomores

Anthony Davis; Credit - AP

Anthony Davis; Credit – AP

By Mark McGill

The 2012 Draft was the first draft that had six players drafted from the same university. This draft also was the first to have picks from the same university.

Heat on Nerlens Noel

Credits, Kentuckystraitpinkie.com

By James Schrader

Kentucky coach John Calipari is a master at enabling his freshman stars to play at their highest levels. Year after year, Calipari effectively eliminates any learning curve a young player might have, helping players like Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist look like savvy veterans from day one. Critics question his ability to bring his players up to speed each pre-season, but Calipari has yet to disappoint. This season is no different. Flat-top shot-swatter Nerlens Noel is the crown jewel of the latest Kentucky recruiting class and has recently garnered some of the sharpest criticism of any Calipari freshman. Noel played in the Adidas Nation counselors game and according to witnesses, failed to live up to his billing as the number one player.

NBA Draft Rumors for July 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th, 2012

Vyacheslav Kravtsov; Credits Basketballnews.lt

Ainge said the team has been in contact with the representatives of Mickael Pietrus, who had been somewhat of an afterthought. “We have been in contact with the whole list of guys you would look at,” Ainge said. “I don’t want to mention names, but we have been in contact with them. We’ll continue to find the best player we can. “We’ve added a couple of great professionals in Jeff Green and Jason Terry, and we drafted three guys that I think are very professional and add to the locker room. Talent is a hard thing to find but we put a great deal of value into what goes on in the locker room also.” Boston Globe

NBA Draft Rumors for June 18, 2012

Andre Drummond; Credit Getty Images

Craig Stouffer: Awesome evaluation sample for Andre Drummond workout with #Wizards: he goes 1-for-4 at the line, workout over. #top3pickright? Twitter

“The season is over. I’m on to the next chapter,” Drummond said. “I feel that I had on okay year. Things I could’ve done better: Score more. Play less passive. Grab more rebounds and block a few more shots. I felt I was ready to make the move [to the NBA] and that’s what I did.” Washington Post
The Bucks hold their fourth draft workout Monday, a session featuring four players hoping to work their way into the second round. The session features 7-foot center Justin Hamilton of Louisiana State; 6-6 small forward Tony Mitchell of Alabama; 6-8 power forward Keith Wright of Harvard; and 6-7 small forward Olu Ashaolu of Oregon.Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel,