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2014 NBA Draft Prospect Andrew Wiggins: NBA’s Next Future Star is a Work in Progress

Credit - Sports Illustrated

Credit – Sports Illustrated

By Trennis Phillips,

Freshmen sensation Andrew Wiggins has made the expected declaration to enter the 2014 NBA draft.  The athletic and versatile wing has been on GM’s radar for years now.  Around the league many teams are dreaming to add this electrifying player to their roster.  Whether or not he is the next big superstar of the league, he will be able to undoubtedly sell out arenas with his highflying plays above the rim night in and night out.

Early 2014-15 Top 25 College Teams

Quinn Cook; Credit Getty Images

Quinn Cook; Credit Getty Images

By Brian Buckey,

After a thrilling 2013-14 season in college basketball, it’s never too early to look forward to next season. With several impact players yet to make a decision on whether to turn pro or stay in school, this list could easily change in a few weeks. Here is a look at the top 25 for next season:

College Basketball Top Freshman Watch for 2014-15 -Cliff Alexander

Cliff Alexander; Photo courtesy of McDonald's.

Cliff Alexander; Photo courtesy of McDonald’s.

By Tramaine Hicks

When it comes to high school basketball there is lot of players that good and can shine at the college level. Some players have the height that makes them the best in their class. Some may have the athleticism and the heart to be a winner. Then there are players that have it all making them not only a great player but also a complete player. In the class of 2014 there are the elite players such as Stanley Johnson, Jahill Okafor and Tyus Jones. Each of these players has demonstrated why they are the best and why they will continue to make college basketball fun and exciting. However there is one player in the class that has made a tremendous leap in not only his class but will make an immediate impact on the Kansas Jayhawks next year. Cliff Alexander is one of the premier big men in his class.

Tournament Longshots that Could Catch Lightning in a Bottle

Andrew Wiggins; Credit -Getty Images

Andrew Wiggins; Credit -Getty Images

By Jimtal Evans,

Will any of the top-15 ranked teams stumble badly enough to actually lose a second-round game in the NCAA Tournament? Both common sense and past history suggest that the likelihood of that happening is remote. Getting hit by lightning or winning the lottery seems more likely. Putting your faith in 12-seeds or higher is extremely dangerous to your bracket, if not your health. But the purpose of this article is to swing for the fences and attempt to guess where a huge loss or two might actually occur. After all, strange things sometimes do take place amidst March Madness. So let’s play the speculation game and see if we can pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Roundball Direct: Top 5 teams that can make it to Dallas

Can Louisville repeat as National Champions? - Credit AP

Can Louisville repeat as National Champions? – Credit AP

By: William Shaw

I am looking forward to this year’s NCAA tournament as there are several teams that make deep runs into March, but there are five teams that stand out from the rest!,