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Is Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Going to be a Star of Just Another Mediocre Player?

Credit - AP

Credit – AP

By Derek Wiggins,

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist who was the 2nd overall pick in the 2012 draft, chosen by the Charlotte Bobcats. Gilchrist is having a rough 2nd season. Kidd Gilchrist had to dealwith fractured hand with season. As well as just trying to get acclimated to the NBA game after having a successful college career at with the Kentucky Wildcats.

Ranking the Sophomores

Anthony Davis; Credit - AP

Anthony Davis; Credit – AP

By Mark McGill

The 2012 Draft was the first draft that had six players drafted from the same university. This draft also was the first to have picks from the same university.

Heat on Nerlens Noel

Credits, Kentuckystraitpinkie.com

By James Schrader

Kentucky coach John Calipari is a master at enabling his freshman stars to play at their highest levels. Year after year, Calipari effectively eliminates any learning curve a young player might have, helping players like Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist look like savvy veterans from day one. Critics question his ability to bring his players up to speed each pre-season, but Calipari has yet to disappoint. This season is no different. Flat-top shot-swatter Nerlens Noel is the crown jewel of the latest Kentucky recruiting class and has recently garnered some of the sharpest criticism of any Calipari freshman. Noel played in the Adidas Nation counselors game and according to witnesses, failed to live up to his billing as the number one player.

NBA Draft Rumors on June 19, 2012

Harrison Barnes; Credit AP

I’m hearing Harrison Barnes may be in second place on their wish list. Apparently, MJ is a fan. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Bradley Beal are in the mix, too, though I’m told MKG didn’t blow anyone away in his workout for the Bobcats on Monday and also hurt his back a littleESPN.com

The Wizards really need shooting, which should give Beal or Barnes a leg up. But I continue to hear that Kidd-Gilchrist remains the favorite. It’s very closeESPN.com

NBA Draft Rumors for June 16, 2012

Thomas Robinson Credit AP

In recent weeks, Charlotte has been in contact with a number of teams and they’ve made it clear that the No. 2 pick is available. However, multiple league sources have said that the Bobcats are looking for a lot in return. They would like to add a face of the franchise player, which is why they’ve reportedly expressed interest in young stars like Rudy Gay and James Harden. If the Bobcats can’t use the pick to make a splashy move, they’ll likely draft Thomas Robinson HoopsWorld,